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5 Factors insurance companies check during a building inspection

5 Factors insurance companies check during a building inspection

It is true that insurance companies have their own in-house building inspectors. Getting a building inspection performed by an insurance company can be beneficial to you. Before we proceed discussing anything to insurance companies and business inspections, let us clear that we are only discussing about your benefits. We have no personal commissions or tie ups with insurance companies to convince you on building inspection.

Building inspection is a critical step for commercial as well as residential property owners. A building inspector is available for you before, during, and after the constriction to ensure things are smooth. Inspection en Bâtiment MCM and similar firms help in conducting thorough inspection or examination of a property or location that makes life easier.

5 Scenarios insurance companies verify during a building inspection:

  1. Electrical connection and defects:

An insurance company gets checked the electrical systems and connections of the property thoroughly. Any faulty wiring or connection needs to be immediately noted to avoid any unfortunate incidents such as electric shock, fire, or short circuit.

  1. They conduct roof inspections:

The building inspection by an insurance company also checks for any roof leakages. Leaking roofs can not only damage the property but, also cause troubles with the HVAC systems and connections. Water contact with lose electric cables can also result in short circuit and serious damages to the property as well as the residents.

  1. Property inspection for exteriors:

Other than the interiors, building inspection is essential for exteriors too! Assessing the pavement, garage, any cracks in the outside walls, and slippage on the flooring is essential. External damages are equally bad for the property value and for the safety of the residents too.

  1. Property inspection for interiors:

Similar to exteriors, interior check is required too. A building inspector is hired to assess the interiors of the property and look for any damages that may pose accidental scenarios. These need to be dealt with and proper steps are to be following for repair and maintenance.

  1. Safety measures:

Other safety measures that are inspected in the property include lighting, fixtures, connections, lose flooring, and fire extinguishing system. These also include emergency exit, lighting, and other safety measures.

Fix your appointment with your nearest building inspector or get in touch with a reliable Inspection en Bâtiment MCM. These qualified professionals have good knowledge of property inspection and their report matters to insurance companies too.