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A guide on why you should keep more mannequins in your garment store

A guide on why you should keep more mannequins in your garment store

Mannequins are quintessential to garment store display settings. If you are not having any mannequins in your store, you will face significantly lower customer footfall than those stores that keep mannequins. 

Reasons why mannequins are necessary for garment stores

  1. Mannequins attract lots of attention. If you keep a bunch of them dressed in your best products, customer footfall will increase for sure. 
  2. They can enhance the beauty of the products. Clothes look more attractive on mannequins than when kept folded in a rack. 
  3. You can display new arrivals in mannequins so that regular customers will know that you have new stock. 
  4. Different products you sell can all be displayed in one place. In a mannequin, you can put the clothes on as well as style them with accessories. 

Thus, mannequins are a versatile piece of display method. You will definitely benefit from investing in a bunch of mannequins for your clothing store. 

What to look for while buying mannequins?

Fibreglass mannequins are the most popular today. They are affordable and durable. Wooden mannequins are also attractive, but you will have to maintain them properly. 

While getting mannequins, try to get those that can strike different poses by moving their hands and legs. This way, you can make your mannequin display more attractive and unique. 

Similarly, get mannequins in different sizes and shapes to bring inclusivity. At least get mannequins to display small, medium, and large-sized clothes. Also, select both male and female mannequins if you sell clothes for both genders. 

Mannequins are also available in parts. For instance, hands alone are available. They are useful to display accessories like rings or purses. 

Another thing to note is that it is better to make mannequin orders in bulk that get them batches. 

If you are still confused with mannequin selection and other nuances, you can reach out to the company selling the product. They will guide you through. 

Final Takeaways 

Do not think twice about getting mannequins for your store if you are selling garments and jewelry. 

Mannequin display is a sure-shot way to improve your customer footfall. So, make your store more captivating by installing some mannequins here and there. 

A well-placed mannequin dressed in your best clothes will increase your store’s popularity manifold. So, what are you waiting for?

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