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A guide to finding the best PG accommodation for a newbie

A guide to finding the best PG accommodation for a newbie

Starting to live in a new city can be difficult. On one hand, you are excited to start your new journey in the city. As Delhi, NCR is a huge place you have many things to explore, you have to start living in a new city not knowing where to go or how to avoid challenges. We know that feeling. Here are some suggestions for Paying Guest accommodation that covers all the challenges that you should look out for, and will keep you ready to face the challenges in Delhi. These guidelines will come in handy and will prevent you from difficulties

Things to keep in mind –

  1. While PG hunting

Always choose a PG which is close to your workplace, college or coaching it is really handy and you can save a lot of time here, and cut the cost of travelling.

Always look for a broker in the locality of your college, workplace or coaching. The brokers are aware of all the PGs and the accommodations and are personally in touch with the landlords. Do not fall for the first accommodation that you see and go through at least 5-6 before you decide on something, finding quality PG in Noida and Delhi is a tedious task so hold on and be patient.


  1. While choosing the PG

PGs are supposed to offer you three essential things- food, security and a furnished environment. Make sure all three things are available. Most PGs are unhygienic and 4-5 people are stuffed in one room at exorbitant prices. Try to point out a PG that is spacious and hygienic and will give you your private space.


  1. After selecting the PG

All the PGs and flats are registered under The Rent Control Act that was passed in 1958. If it’s a registered accommodation you will be given a compulsory Rent Agreement. Don’t go for a PG that is not registered. Make sure that you make a formal agreement on either the adjustment or refunding of the security money that you had given. Though a top PG in Karolbagh, Mukherjee Nagar or Rajendra Nagar won’t do this but still be aware.