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Add Gemrize Diamond Cocktail Rings To Your Collection

Add Gemrize Diamond Cocktail Rings To Your Collection

The cocktail rings are a fashion statement when it comes to jewelry. They display the grandeur of exclusive stones, like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies. However, if you admire diamond cocktail rings, you can find plenty of design options at Gemrize. 

But before that, you need to know more about this ring, its history, and how to wear it on different occasions. 

What’s in a cocktail ring?

The traditional cocktail rings contain one big stone in the center and small tiny stones adorn the center stone. The cocktail rings are eye-catching pieces of jewelry that grab the attention of the viewers. After all, their exclusive design and style are hard to miss. 

Today, cocktail rings are available in many modern designs. However, you need to consider buying diamond cocktail rings from a trusted jeweler. 

History of cocktail rings

The cocktail rings came into fashion during the ’20s or exactly during prohibition time. The diamond cocktail rings were often seen on the fingers of female guests during evening parties. These rings were opulent and lavish, just like the owner’s grand lifestyle. The rings usually boast a massive stone in the center and a cluster of small stones around the big stone.  

These rings were adored from the 1920s to the 1960s. The retro rings with loads of gemstones and sculptural dimensions were the most common type of cocktail ring. After a certain period of fashion disinterest for a few years, cocktail rings gained popularity in the 1980s. 

Wearing a cocktail ring

The cocktail rings are often worn on the right hand. So, they cannot be confused with a wedding or engagement ring, or other everyday rings. These do not work every day and are often worn on special evening events. However, if your lifestyle enables elaborateness, you may wear a cocktail ring every day, provided its design and size are practical.  

What you keep in mind when buying cocktail rings  

The very first thing to keep in mind while buying a cocktail ring is to purchase it from a reputed seller. If you are looking for a diamond cocktail ring, you need to consider its carat, clarity, color, and cut as per your budget and preference. 

If you like a glamorous ring but cannot afford an expensive ring, it is best to explore other rings. Or simply get a custom ring to meet your style and budget requirements. While the cocktail rings are captivating on their own, it is not common to see them mix-matched. There are no limitations that you need to wear them one at a time. It makes these rings quite fun to play around with little experimentation or your stylistic expression.

Custom Cocktail Rings At Gemrize 

Are you interested in customized jewellery, such as a custom diamond cocktail ring? Explore our exclusive collection of cocktail rings. If you want a custom design, consult our experts to make the right decision. We help you at every step of designing and making a perfect cocktail ring to celebrate special moments. So, do stop by.