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Best Hair Colour – The Art of Colouring Hair

Best Hair Colour – The Art of Colouring Hair

Hair colouring is one of the easiest ways to elevate your look. The appearance that you have carried for some time can easily be changed with just one hair shade. Well, to be honest, hair colouring is a great experience to go through. You get to select a shade from many hair colours. We know that you must have some hair colours on your mind to try. But one must make sure that which hair colour will suit them and which will not! There are a lot of ways to know which is the best hair colour! But for that, we need to determine our skin tone and undertone.

Generally, the right kind of hair colour depends upon our skin tone and undertone. but how to determine which skin tone and undertone we have? Well, there are a variety of tests to determine it! Let us look at some of them.

  1. The Vein Test

This is the most common test. If you ask anybody regarding skin tone and undertone, they are bound to give you this solution. For this test, you need to look closely at your veins. Look closely. If you have green-coloured veins, then you have a warm skin tone. If you have blue/ purple-coloured veins, then you have a cool skin tone. But if you can’t decide the colour of your veins, then you have a neutral skin tone. There are different hair shades for all skin tones which we will be discussing later!

  1. The Jewellery Test

The second test is the jewellery test. In this test, you need to try two jewellery pieces, i.e., gold and silver. Try out the gold jewellery. If it looks good, then you have a warm skin tone and undertone. Similarly, try out the silver jewellery. If it looks good on you, then you have a cool skin tone and undertone. If both the jewellery pieces look good on you, then you have a neutral skin tone and undertone.

  1. The Sun Test

You might not have heard of it but you can also take the sun test to know your skin tone. Stand in the sun for five minutes. If your skin gets red, then you have a cool skin tone. If your skin gets tanned, then you have a warm skin tone. If nothing much happens to your skin, then you have a neutral skin tone.

So, these are the three tests that you can undertake to determine your skin tone and undertone. After you know your undertone and skin tone, selecting shades becomes an easy task. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, then shades of brown will look absolutely amazing with you. Similarly, if you have a cool skin tone, then shades of red, pink, etc., will look good on you. But if you have a neutral skin tone, you can try any shade you want. Everything suits with neutral skin tones.

Now that you know the ways of determining skin tone and undertone, let us have a look at some of the hair shades that will look good with them.

Which is the Best Hair Colour?

Hair colours must be selected based on skin tone, undertone, and most importantly our personality. our personality plays a major role in selecting hair shades. You must select a shade that you can easily pull off with your personality. If your personality and hair shade are opposite from one another, then you are bound to have a weird look. Below are some of the best shades that one can try! Have a look!

  1. Ash Brown Hair Shade

Naturally black tresses look absolutely amazing with diffused notes of silver and brown. Ash brown is one of the best shades for fair skin tones. This shade is a variant of brunette hair that has many shades of grey! The love affair between the shades showcases a cool spectrum that gives you a fresh look. This hair shade is a must-try because it gives you a warm yet cool look!

  1. Auburn Hair Shade

The blend of red and brown is setting up a trend lately. Auburn is a warm mix of both these shades. Fair skin women with pink undertones must try this shade. This is an amazing hair shade that doesn’t wash out your complexion, thereby giving a lustrous look to your tresses. This shade is a perfect combination that brings out the bold and beautiful look of you! Try out this shade and give your personality an edgy and chic look!

  1. Golden Ombre Hair Shade

One more shade for fair skin tones! Take a walk on the golden side and weave the sun-kissed hues of butter, gold, and honey in your hair with this gorgeous shade. This shade creates magic in your tresses while giving a dramatic transition from black to gold. This hair colour trend is going to remain this year as well. Try it out now!

  1. Chocolate Brown Hair Shade

All the olive skin beauties, listen up! We have got the best shade for you! Ever thought that your favourite dessert would become your hair colour? Chocolate brown is an amazing hair shade that is deliciously trending nowadays. Velvety hues of chocolate brown can make your face look younger and radiant. The summery and glossy finish of the shade will give you lustrous tresses that you are bound to fall in love with. Try out this stunningly sweet shade and give your hair a gorgeous look!

  1. Burgundy Red Hair Shade

If you are not ready to commit to the pop and funky red shade, try out some wine. We meant wine hair shade! Try out this universal hair shade that leans towards brown and gives an overpowering hue of purple to make your locks look unique and stunning. Apt for wheatish skin tones, this hair shade does not look weird. It rather enhances your complexion and facial features. Go for this hair shade if you wish to add some warmth and dimension to your locks.

  1. Chestnut Brown Hair Shade

Dusky beauties, this shade is for you! Chestnut brown adds a considerable amount of warmth to your locks and gives your hair a stunning look. This shade will look best with long hair styled in waves or curls. This hair shade adds depth to your locks without getting too dramatic with the look. Also, this is a shade of brown, so it blends effortlessly in your natural black hair while giving you the best shade possible. Thus, to give your locks a natural and lustrous look, try out this hair shade!

So, these are some of the best hair colours that you can try. All these hair shades suit fair, wheatish, and dusky skin respectively. You can try out these shades and give your locks a conditioned and voluminous look. When it comes to the conditioning of hair, it is best that you try natural hair dyes. Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo is an organic hair dye that colours your hair in five minutes. It is an instant hair shade enriched with natural ingredients that add colour to your tresses while giving them a nourished look! This hair dye is available in five vibrant shades that you must try. Thus, give your hair colour and care with this amazing hair dye.