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Best Toy Dominos 2022

Best Toy Dominos 2022

Kids love playing games, and as a parent, you must ensure that your little ones spend their time, mind, and energy on something fun-filled and practical. One such game that comes to our mind is Dominoes!

What Are Dominoes?

Dominoes are small rectangular tiles by wholesalers online, perfect for helping boost cognitive and creative development in children. You can keep your little ones busy by letting them build, stack, and sort a set of dominoes. These little toy dominos tiles are made of rigid materials such as wood or plastic and won’t break easily even if your child has an ‘oops!’ moment and drops it on the floor!

How Can Your Little Ones Play Dominoes?

We’ve all loved playing dominoes as children, especially watching the entire stack fall forward! It is one of the oldest games still popular in toy markets across the country. Toy dominos are a great option for both adults and children. However, the traditional way to play dominoes might be difficult for your kid. So, we’ve got some simple domino games you can play with your preschooler, using… wait for it… MULTICOLOURED DOMINOES!

Domino Car Parking

  • Ask, your kid to think that each domino is a car that has to be parked in its parking spot.
  • Take some pieces of paper and color them in the color of the dominoes tiles to make parking lot tickets.
  • Place the dominoes face up on the floor and make your child say the color of each tile they pick up. Now, ask them to park the tile under the correct parking lot.
  • Your kid will love dashing the cars in the parking lot!

Identify The Colour

Take a large piece of paper and choose from wholesalers online about ten domino tiles. Take a piece of paper and color it with selected domino tile colors, making a trail. Now hand over the tiles to your kid and ask them to place the right domino against the paint on the paper. This game will help your child to recognize the color it represents. Now, that’s a fun way to identify and remember the name of colors!

The Candy Game

Take some candies and domino tiles. Ask your kid to pick up a certain number of tiles of a particular color. Now, ask them to pick the same number of candies. Your child will learn about numbers and counting in a fun way!

Exercise Time

Your kid will love this game as it allows them to jump, summersault, and do more. First, place all the dominoes face down before your child and assign a number to each domino. Make your child pick an exercise, like jumping jacks, leg kicks, fist twists, etc. Ask them to choose a domino and do the selected exercise as many times as the assigned number. Isn’t it a great game to make your little one do some physical activity?


Sit on a playing mat with your kid and open the box of dominoes. Now ask your child to make a pile of different colored tiles. Once all the tiles are stacked, ask your child to make a tall tower using these colorful dominoes. This activity will activate their imagination, and they’ll then think of creative ways to make an object!