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Different Church Candle Types and Varieties

Different Church Candle Types and Varieties

Church candles have significance in religious ceremonies. They symbolize purity, divine light, and spirituality. Different traditions ignite different types of candles. Whether Easter, Christmas, New Year, Baptism or burning a candle at the altar, these candles are essential in Christian rituals and traditions.

Types of Church Candles

Orthodox candles

Orthodox candles are cylindrical candles typically set in front of icons or holy pictures. They are also known as “vigil candles” or “kandilo” in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. They are lit during worship and prayer to symbolize enlightenment and dedication. Orthodox religious customs and rites are only complete with these candles.

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Baptism Candle

A baptism candle is a unique candle used in the Christian sacrament of baptism. It represents the cleansing of sin and the rebirth of the spirit. It usually burns during the baptism ceremony and symbolizes the newly baptized person’s life is enlightened by Christ. It might also act as a keepsake to remember this significant occasion.

Easter Candle

The Easter candle is lit during the Easter Vigil to represent Jesus’ revival as the “Light of the World.” It directs believers in religion toward salvation. It is left on the altar for Easter and extinguished on Pentecost to mark Jesus’ ascension. This candle is a symbol of Easter’s incredible spiritual journey.

Votive Candle

Votive candles contain significant meaning when lit by devotees before an altar or a religious figure. They symbolize the devotee as a child of light and God rather than simply serving as a mode for prayer. Lighting them represents a commitment to following Jesus, setting an example as “the light of the world”, and a decision to render thoughts and words to the divine. It is a request for guidance and an expression of faith through self-sacrifice.

Candle of the Tabernacle

The candle of the Tabernacle is a lamp placed in a church near the Tabernacle. This burning candle represents the Blessed Sacrament, Christ’s presence during Thanksgiving, and the unwavering faith of the community of believers.

Advent Candle

An advent candle is a unique candle used in the weeks preceding Christmas. It’s typically placed into an evergreen branch wreath. One of the four candles (Prophet, Hope, Bethlehem, and Universal Call to Salvation) is lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas. These candles aid in the preparation and countdown to Jesus’ birth.

Candlemas Candle

Candlemas candle is a candle lit on Candlemas Day, which is observed on 2nd February. This ritual has roots in both Christian and pagan customs. It signifies the end of the Christmas season and Jesus’ offering at the Tabernacle. It is a means of bringing blessings and brightness into the house.

Thus, the different types of church candles hold significance on every occasion. If you’re searching for natural wax church candles, search online at the best price.