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Everything You should know About Termite Swarming Season.

Everything You should know About Termite Swarming Season.

Termite swarming season starts after the last phase of winter. It ranges from a period of 5 to 6 months. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your house. Therefore it is necessary to be fully repaired and protected to handle termites in their peak season. You can contact San Antonio pest control services to take preventive measures against them. 

Termite swarm- An Overview

Termite swimming refers to the period when a large number of winged termites leave their old colonies to form new ones. These termites are also called alates. The alates generally migrate in large quantities to investigate a new residence. The termite swarm contains a lot of them together. It can be a disturbing and shocking sight.

Alex is known for not consuming the cellulose present in Wood. However, they may start consuming it if they decide to stay in your house. A termite swarm can signify the potential damage that candy please due to termites.

The termites are around 1 inch in length. They are dark-colored and have two pairs of wings of equal sizes. They may look similar to flying ants. However, they are very distinct. And tend to have construction in their waist, while termites have no such things. The wings of a termite are the same in size. On the other hand, ants do not have the same size of wings. However, it is not easy to spot any differences if you happen to notice them in large numbers.

Reasons for termites swarm

Termites are known for swimming when they feel like they require an expansion of their colonies and get a new resource for food supply. The expansion of their colonies takes place every year. When they find a new area that can be a potential colony, they stop swarming and begin the settlement. The lattice starts losing its wings due to maturity and growth. After that, they mate and leading to the creation of new colonies.

The period of termite swarming is dependent upon the specific species. It generally takes place during winter are in the early days of spring. March is the most susceptible month where termites forming is expected. There is no fixed schedule for termites. However, you should be extra careful in these months to be on the safe side. If you are unsure about handling termites in your room, make sure to contact a professional best-control service provider. They help in curbing the infestation and providing the tools for handling it.