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Facing Aggravated Assault Charges in Oklahoma City? Know Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing Aggravated Assault Charges in Oklahoma City? Know Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime like aggravated assault, you must hire the best defense lawyer out there. Experienced Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyers can protect your rights and assess your legal options. They can guide you through the complex legal system of the state and help you decide whether to plead guilty or stand trial. 

Understanding Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault charge occurs when you try to cause severe bodily harm to a party. Your actions have caused this party’s injuries purposely, recklessly, and knowingly. Also, you could face this charge if you have the intent to murder someone. 

Aggravated Assault Leading to Bodily Harm

Distinguishing the level of harm that you cause to a person is easy.  This level of harm will determine whether you will face a misdemeanor, felony assault, or aggravated assault charges. Threatening or causing moderate bodily injuries is the least form of these charges. But you could face an aggravated assault charge if you threaten or cause bodily harm to another person. How long your sentence might be depends on the seriousness of the injury. Often, the injury is permanent and life-threatening or serious enough to lead to long-lasting pain. A defense attorney can investigate the incident to establish reasonable doubt, so your charges are reduced or dismissed. 

Aggravated Assault Using a Deadly Weapon

This type of aggravated assault charge can leave you spending a long time in jail. During your arrest, the officer may have possessed the weapon you used to threaten or against another party. A deadly weapon is a dangerous object that can cause injury to others. It includes firearms, knives, big rocks, bricks, deadly household products, and tools. 

Usually, the complaint will detail how you dangerously used the weapon. Your attorney will attempt to reduce your charges no matter how serious they are. They could help you get a plea bargain agreement that lets you continue your life following your release from jail. 

If you have been charged with aggravated assault in Oklahoma City, you need to get quality legal representation. An experienced defense attorney can have your pending sentence reduced while protecting your civil rights. defenses to your charges can include self-defense, fraudulent allegations, mistaken identity, lack of serious injuries, and actual innocence. A good defense attorney will treat your case seriously. They know that an assault conviction can turn your life upside down, so they will do everything to defend you.