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Features of boat rental in Tenerife – how to save money?

Features of boat rental in Tenerife – how to save money?

A fascinating trip across the water in Tenerife has long become quite a common phenomenon. Today, this leisure activity is quite accessible for everyone. To ride across the ocean, you do not need to own a personal water transport. You can contact a charter company and choose the vessel you like. Booking is offered at quite affordable prices. If your holiday budget is limited, you can save money on this matter.

Practical rental recommendations

The following practical recommendations will help in solving this issue:

  • Booking a vessel without a captain. If you have experience in managing boats and this is confirmed by a document, you can quite do without the services of a skipper.
  • Choosing a sailing solution. The main expense for rent is fuel payment. Sailboats consume less diesel. It’s needed for mooring to the shore, the yacht moves due to the wind.
  • Choosing a short and interesting route for the walk. Even 1-2 hours will be enough for a sightseeing tour along the coast of Tenerife.
  • Renting a vessel directly, without agencies. For this, you need to personally contact the charter company. Boats for rent in Tenerife on the website can be taken inexpensively.
  • Becoming a regular customer of the charter company. In this case, you can count on a discount system and other privileges.
  • Making a precise list of services. Thus, you will not order anything unnecessary and will not overpay.
  • Rental season. If you need to save, take a walk on a weekday, non-holiday. It will be cheaper. During holidays, the demand for yachts significantly increases.

How to save time?

Renting a boat in Tenerife is a great opportunity to plunge into the magical world of silence and harmony. Only close people will be on board, you will get rid of the hustle and bustle and fill your body with positivity, the energy of water and the sun. To afford such a luxurious type of rest, it is enough just to contact the specialists and choose the right type of vessel. You can rent a yacht in Tenerife without leaving your home or office. Such a decision saves your time. The website presents a detailed list of services and vessels with a detailed description. And if you have absolutely no time for organizing a celebration, the specialists of the yacht company will help to choose it. They will take all the obligations for holding a holiday upon themselves. All you have to do is pay for the services and come on board at the appointed time.

Thus, ordering a yacht is a great opportunity to save time and budget. In one company, you can use catering, decoration, and service services. When ordering, you will need to specify which yacht you would like to hold the celebration on, how many guests there will be, and what budget is planned. Based on this information, specialists will offer several options. The service is provided based on an official contract, the prices are transparent. The total cost is calculated from the price per hour.