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How To Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen? 

How To Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen? 

Quality and robustness are crucial when looking for a ventilation hood. Installing a range hood is the greatest way to combat cooking oil, moisture, and heat in your kitchen. You can discover the appropriate solution for your kitchen with various options and designs for built-ins, ranges, and islands. Check out Granite au Sommet for the best kitchen remodeling products. 

What to consider when choosing a hood 

  • What kind of vent do you prefer?
  • What is your financial situation?
  • What house upgrades are usual in your area?
  • What features do you desire?

Non-ducted hoods vs. ducted hoods 

With a ducted vent hood, the undesired components like odor, smoke, humidity, and heat would be expelled outside the home. The next best option is to use a non-ducted vent hood to filter and recirculate the air back into the kitchen. The choice often concerns kitchen layout, range design, and price.

While non-ducted hoods do a fantastic job of removing oil and stink when the filters are cleaned and replaced regularly, they do not remove humidity and heat from the residence.

Size and strength 

Both ducted and non-ducted vent hoods must be properly sized for the purpose. Hoods must be tailored to the size and strength of the range. A correctly sized hood should cover the whole width of the range as well as at least half of the front burners.

The amount of air a vent hood moves determines its strength, which is measured in CFMs (cubic feet per minute). The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), a non-profit organization that certifies home ventilation equipment, recommends at least 40 CFM per linear foot of the range. The rule of thumb for gas cooktops is one CFM for every 100 BTUs (British thermal units, a measurement of energy content). It is recommended that purchasers search for HVI-rated items.

Types of vent hoods 

  • Under cabinet 

When it comes to vent hoods, a non-ducted under-cabinet hood is the most cost-effective option. These simple systems, starting at $50, recirculate the air back into the kitchen, capturing some of the oil and aromas in changeable filters. When ducted outside, the performance of under-cabinet versions improves dramatically. Ducted variants cost between $175 and $250, not including installation.

  • Wall mounted chimney 

These mid-priced vent hoods mix design with function in a low-cost appliance. These units, instead of under-cabinet ones, are mounted against the kitchen’s wall. They are nicknamed “chimney-style” because their design resembles a residential chimney, with a pyramidal base and a rising rectangular column. Homeowners should budget between $500 and $700, not including installation.