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Is It Necessary to Compare Price Quotes Before Finalizing the Auto Shipment Services?

Is It Necessary to Compare Price Quotes Before Finalizing the Auto Shipment Services?

While we are looking to ship our vehicle to distant places in our country, the first thing we need to tackle is hiring a reputed auto transport company. While driving the car ourselves looks like a low-cost option, we generally end up spending much more and not forgetting the amount of time, effort, and risk involved in the process.

Getting auto transport quotes and choosing the right shipping company is very important if we want to safely ship our car at affordable price. With Ship a Car, Inc., you can be assured that your car is in safe hands and yet they charge competitive prices from their customers. Their experienced drivers can carry your car in the safest possible manner in their enclosed and open trailers across the country.

When we start searching for a transport company to ship our vehicle, we often get overwhelmed by the list of companies that are offering the service. Choosing one often becomes a difficult choice. Let us discuss some tips that can help you in comparing car shipping companies based on their price quotes.

Factors that affect price quotes in the auto transport sector

For you to be able to understand the price quotes and compare them, you should know what factors affect these prices and what is included in the cost.

Some of the factors that play a vital role in pricing the vehicle shipping cost are:

1.   Whether you are choosing an enclosed or an open trailer:

  • Enclosed trailers are often more expensive but are generally much safer than open ones.
  • It is especially important to choose an enclosed trailer when you are shipping a luxury car or a high-end sports car.

2.   Mileage rates:

  • Mileage rates are different for different companies and some would be ready to offer additional discounts if your car has to be transported over much longer distances.
  • If you chose priority services, the mileage rate might vary and could increase your total shipping cost.
  • It is the most important factor that affects the total cost of shipping and this is why you should enquire the transport companies about the same.

3.   Whether you choose to ship for a short distance or you need services for a very faraway place:

  • Shorter distance shipping is generally more expensive because of many factors such as high mileage rate.
  • If you want to save money, you should try to drive your vehicle if the distance is not long enough.
  • Driving on your own will also save you time for short travels because the time wasted on loading and removal of the vehicle will be saved.

You must never depend on one price quote for making the final decision. Comparing quotes will help you determine the service that best suits your needs. Apart from the price, the quality of service provided by the auto shipping companies is extremely important and should play an important role in your decision-making.

In the end, ensure that the car shipping company signs the deal at a pre-agreed price to avoid paying any hidden cost during the delivery of your vehicle.