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Online survey: research without borders and time limits

Online survey: research without borders and time limits

Until recently, surveys were available only to professional sociologists and government agencies. But then online services appeared, and today almost everyone can create a survey free, collect feedback from respondents and, most importantly, analyze the data received qualitatively. Here is more about it. 

Basic features of online surveys

The online survey is one of the “youngest” marketing research methods. Nowadays, it is very convenient to conduct various surveys on the Internet – it is much faster and more productive than standard surveys on the streets of megacities. Internet surveys allow you to use all three types of interaction with the interviewee: visual, audio, and text. It is crucial, for example, when researching brand awareness, when it is necessary to find out whether survey participants are familiar with the name of the company and its logo.

The guidelines on how to create a survey

Compiling an interesting questionnaire will not be a burden, but joy is simple. There are basic rules on how to make a survey:

  • Decide on the purpose of the questionnaire. Focus on one specific goal. So you can collect relevant information and not confuse the user.
  • Understand what information to collect. Once the goal is clear, choose what kind of data and in what format to collect.
  • Be objective. Make sure you only ask direct questions, avoiding suggestive constructs. Some words, such as “prohibit,” can affect the outcome of the question.
  • Keep track of the order of the questions. A logical sequence of questions is essential for both you and the interviewee. The best option is “from the general to the particular.”
  • Write in plain language. Questionnaires should not use jargon and complex phrases. Make your questionnaire simple and understandable, and each respondent will surely reach the final question.
  • Test the questionnaire. Send the completed survey to friends and colleagues to double-check the survey logic and see if there are any errors.