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Protecting Private, Confidential, and Sensitive, Information from Leakage

Protecting Private, Confidential, and Sensitive, Information from Leakage

Any organization’s data treated as sensitive or confidential is considered a vital asset. Information breaches can cause damage to a company’s reputation and lead to billions of revenue losses. If the informationfallsinto the wrong hands, it can severely deterioratean organization’s relationship with its clients. Information leakages can occur primarily via unauthorized third-party access, phishing scams, and employees intentionally stealing or inadvertently sharing data. 

Data leakage has become an ever-expanding problem over the past decades. Due to the vulnerability of mobile devices to phishing attacks and unintentional data leakage, tons of confidential information are at risk every year. 

Mobile compliance is essential in preventing the upsurge in such incidents. Some states and local governments in the U.S. took the initiative to use mobile archiving technology. This is for compliance with the State Open Record Laws’ public records archiving requirements.

In the past, organizations were only required to have cyber security measures in place for devices like laptops, desktop computers, servers, or data centers.The data protection mechanism must include capturing and archiving mobile calls, texts, and other data. Many regulatory agencies require firmsto adhere to mobile archiving requirements like FCA archiving and FINRA retain requirements.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Week recently exposed the Americans’ rights to access public data to preserve democracy in the US. It seeks to ensure that government employees are transparent in speeches, proclamations, performance, and open records laws.

Many public agencies try to comply with the Sunshine archiving law yet still strugglewith inadequate funding for additional staff and a lack of a modern archive solution. Government agencies need the right technology and employees to manage requests, handle documents, make copies, redact information, and deliver the goods within a deadline.

Correct archiving solutions can protect data while they are stored in the archives. Fortune 2000 companies must use centralized mobile call capturing and archiving solutions to efficiently protect the information of their clients.

You can check this infographic by TeleMessage for more information about preventing confidential information leakage in your organization.