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IV Therapy in Houston, TX. Revitalize Today with IV Therapy at New You Wellness Center, The Best Medical Spa in Houston.

IV Therapy in Houston, TX. Revitalize Today with IV Therapy at New You Wellness Center, The Best Medical Spa in Houston.

Welcome to New You Wellness Center, a premier destination for Houston, TX, residents seeking holistic health and wellbeing. Our professional staff is committed to improving your overall health with contemporary therapies like IV therapy. We invite you to our warm and pleasant facility where you can experience the transforming power of intravenous (IV) therapy via natural vitamin and nutrient infusions. Our premium IV therapy options are of the highest quality and are packed full of minerals and nutrients. Now, let’s explore what this therapy entails, health issues that can be actively addressed via IV therapy, benefits of IV therapy, IV drips available at our Houston Med Spa, side effects of IV therapy, etc. 

What is IV Therapy? 

IV (Intravenous) therapy is a health and wellness boost that helps your body absorb significant quantities of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants via intravenous infusion. Unlike oral supplements, IV treatment provides almost complete absorption, restoring your wellness at the cellular level and offering rapid benefits in only 30-45 minutes. 

Health and Wellness Issues That Can Be Actively Addressed Via IV Therapy.

  1. Dehydration
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Fatigue
  4. Migraines
  5. Hangovers
  6. Immune system support
  7. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  8. Fibromyalgia
  9. Athletic recovery

How Is IV Therapy Conducted?

The process is simple. Basically, your medical practitioner will insert a small needle into your vein, mainly in the arm, and through that minerals, vitamins, fluids, etc, will be administered.

How Long Does an IV Therapy Session Last?

The process takes around 30-45 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

  1. IV treatment provides a fast hydration boost. 
  2. Improves nutrient absorption, particularly vitamins. 
  3. Promotes speedier recuperation. 
  4. Increases energy. 
  5. Enhances immune function. 
  6. Enhances faster elimination of toxins. 
  7. The therapy can be customized to individual needs as per one’s requirements.
  8. The process is quick and straightforward.

IV Therapy Drip Formulations in Our Houston Medical Spa 

  • New You (NY) Metabolism Booster @ $125. This will help boost your metabolism, increase your natural vitality, and lose weight quickly. This infusion is intended to boost your metabolism while restoring your body’s necessary nutrients. 
  1. New You (NY) Youth @ $150. This infusion can help turn back the clock and treat wrinkles, acne, blemishes, dry skin, and other indications of aging. Use it if you want vibrant skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails.
  2. New You (NY) Migraine Relief @ $198. Designed to relieve migraine headaches, this relaxing infusion can help you go back to being yourself. 
  3. New You (NY) Party @ $198. This infusion offers a great way to recover from overindulgence. This infusion relieves hangover symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and lack of energy. Do not let a hangover slow you down. 
  4. New You (NY) Athlete @ $198. This infusion will help boost performance, recover quicker, and improve mental clarity. This exceptional infusion also alleviates muscle pain and loss while replenishing the electrolytes you need to tackle your next fitness challenge. 
  5. New You (NY) Immunity Plus @ $198. This infusion will help replenish water and vitamins which are very essential when one is sick. It will help relieve symptoms let’s say of an illness like a typical flu.
  6. New You (NY) Wellness @ $198. This is our most health, premium, and comprehensive infusion. It contains every necessary vitamin as well as our most effective antioxidant! 
  7. New You (NY) Warrior @ $249. This is an enhanced version of the New You (NY) Athlete that improves energy generation, muscular development, and recuperation, alleviates muscle pain, supports healthy cartilage development, and aids in weight reduction. 
  8. New You (NY) Angel Beauty @ $249. This infusion consists of a combination of amino acids for additional anti-aging properties. Benefits include increased collagen synthesis, reduced sagging and wrinkles caused by UV exposure and the natural aging process, and more. 
  9. New You (NY) Ultimate Health @ $249. This infusion is intended to deliver ultimate health and well-being advantages. 

IV Therapy Steps at Our Houston Med Spa.

Step 1: Obtain a standard IV fluid bag at $99.

Standard IV bags consist of saline, which is a salt and purified water combination. Conventional saline matches the salt-to-water ratio found in the human body. One may wonder why we wouldn’t introduce nutrients directly during IV therapy. Why do we need the saline? Firstly, saline is important as a carrier solution but also has other importances such as hydration, maintaining fluid balance, ensuring that the nutrients being delivered are properly diluted and safely introduced into the body in manageable concentrations and not causing adverse reactions, etc.

Step 2: Choosing Your Nutrients.

Some of the available nutrients include:

  1. Alpha Lipoid Acid ($35). 
  2. Arginine ($30)  
  3. B-12 ($25) 
  4. B-Complex ($25)
  5. B5-Dexpanthenol ($25)
  6. B6 ($25) 
  7. Carnitine ($30) 
  8. Glutamine ($30)
  9. Glutathione ($30)
  10. Glycine ($30)
  11. L-taurine ($30) 
  12. Lysine ($30). 
  13. Magnesium ($30)
  14. Vitamin C ($30) 
  15. Zinc ($30) 
  16. Trace minerals ($60)

 Step 3: Choose Medications. 

This step is necessary in order to treat the specific underlying symptoms be it nausea, pain, inflammation, acid, etc.

What Are The Side Effects of IV Therapy? 

Just as with any other medication, some patients may experience adverse effects with IV therapy though the chances for recovery are rare. IV therapy may cause side effects such as injection site infections, vein inflammation, rashes, blood clots, and air embolism. In addition, various negative effects from the specific administered vitamins or minerals may also occur. That’s why it’s critical to get therapy from competent professionals and approved medical spas like New You Wellness Center where your body’s responses can be actively monitored. 

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