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The Consequences of Missing Dentist Appointments

The Consequences of Missing Dentist Appointments

Dentists all agree on the significance of not skipping dental appointments. Your schedule may change anytime in a world that wants everything fast. Since that is the case, you may not prioritize your next dental appointment. In other cases, you may be one of many patients who have dental phobia and choose not to go to the dentist. 

Whatever your reason for skipping or postponing your appointment, here are all the potential consequences. Regular dental exams and cleanings at a Fort Myers general dentist improve your oral and overall wellness. 

Teeth and gums are healthy.

Dentists and hygienists encourage you to brush and floss to prevent plaque. Plaque, a visible and sticky substance, causes tooth decay. Every day, bacteria-filled acidic plaque builds up on your teeth.

Brushing your teeth removes plaque and prevents cavities. Plaque cannot be totally removed by brushing and flossing. Plaque on your teeth can harden into tartar, a crusty, dark substance.

After brushing, tartar remains. Dentists carefully remove it. Tartar removal may damage teeth. You could have gum disease or tooth decay if you leave it on your teeth.

As tartar builds up on your teeth and gum line, it pulls your gums away from your teeth and creates microscopic fissures where bacteria can grow. Bacteria like these can cause gum disease.

Periodontitis is an infection of your mouth’s soft tissues. If untreated, periodontitis can extend to the bones supporting your teeth, putting your teeth at risk.

Healthy grin and fresh breath

Everyone wants a nice grin, even though most people want coffee or wine. Coffee, tea, alcohol, and juice may discolor your teeth, unfortunately.  Dental professionals can remove those stains and the microscopic particles that cause bad breath if you keep your appointments. Regular checkups will also keep your teeth cleaned and white.

Good health

Your physical health is probably the last thing on your mind when you consider skipping your dentist appointment. The link between oral and general health is undeniable. Oral hygiene can lower your risk of heart disease and other disorders.

Oral germs can enter your blood, increase your risk of illness, and damage your organs. Less frequent dental appointments may increase your risk of serious health problems like:

  • Disease of the heart
  • Pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Endocarditis (heart infection)
  • Medical conditions might also harm your teeth. 
  • Diabetes, 
  • osteoporosis, 
  • HIV, and 
  • Alzheimer’s disease can affect your dental health.

Speak to a dentist!

A dentist can assist you in ensuring your oral health is maintained. Regular dental visits can ensure your teeth and oral health remain healthy!