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Upholstery fabric is the natural fabric used

Upholstery fabric is the natural fabric used

Are you confused about buying upholstery Fabric? Here we will discuss in detail about upholstery fabric because choosing the right upholstery fabric is so difficult. Because it has so many options like cotton nylon, silk or etc. most of the people are Confused in natural fabric and synthetic in this blog. We will   guide  you all  about  its fabric which may help you to choose the right fabric for your home. And soon you will refurbish your home by our given ideas.

What is natural fabric?

Natural upholstery fabric basically looks very soft and gives an excellent look to the furniture, but these fabrics cannot resist stains.

Cotton, Linen, silk, wool, leather are natural fabrics.


Cotton is very popular in natural fabric because cotton is cheaper in price as compared to other fabric.

But it gives more comfort and stability. Cotton fabric provides a soft and supple feel. When you choose it as upholstery Fabric, as we all know cotton is good in stability, when  choosing cotton upholstery for  home it is necessary to  be  careful because it catches the effects of dirt and pollution.


As we all know wool is durable and sturdy. It can easily resist stains and dirt.  wool upholstery is a fabulous choice and ideal for high traffic areas. But when the fabric is wet it gives a strange smell. It’s neither hard to bear nor to regret.


Silk is a symbol of luxury and softness. but it is expensive as compared to cotton and wool. It is the most expensive option for upholstery. It can be used both indoor and outdoor because it gives an appealing look that inspires the viewers. Its maintenance needs time and concentration because silk upholstery can be cleaned by professional method. Otherwise dirt may take grip on it.


We all know about the durability of leather, but it is necessary that leather should be real. It is the most demanding option, leather upholstery is liked by all because these are perfect for parties, function, etc. these leather upholsteries are the best choice for heavy traffic areas. Most people who have a pet at home like to buy it because its maintenance is quite easy. Simple vacuuming is enough for leather.


Linen upholstery gives you a stylish and sleek look because Linen is available in so many designs and colors even light dark colors are also available. Linen upholsteries is not reliable because wrinkles may occur on it, and it can not resist stains or marks. It is better to arrange Linen upholstery in an adult’s room. It should be cleaned professionally because it may shrink, or its color may fade when washed.


Polyester upholstery is a great blend of cotton fiber with wrinkles because these wrinkles can protect the fabric. It requires Dye and complete attention to the color scheme. These are perfect for outdoors. Different colors of yarn may be added in polyester upholstery.

Synthetic fabric

Synthetic fabric is cheap in Price, but it gives durability of color and cleanliness. It is prepared by synthesizing chemicals or some natural protection to create synthetic fiber like woven. Synthetic upholstery furniture gives your home a stylish look. Olefin, nylon, acrylic and rayon are also synthetic fabric.