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What Happens in a Strip Club VIP Room  

What Happens in a Strip Club VIP Room   

If you’ve ever been to a strip club you will have noticed that they are all about seduction. The point is to get the most money out of you. There is no hidden agenda; the big windowless buildings with winding staircases, deafening music, flashing lights, and the deafening music and the beautiful, naked women are designed to make you forget where you are, we should be, time, money, and who you should have been with instead. 

The women who work in strip clubs are good at doing just that – making you forget all your troubles. 

If you want some adult entertainment whilst you are having a drink with the boys then the strip club is the place to be. If you just want some company or someone to talk to then the ladies will do that. They will cater to you as long as you have the money to pay for the time they have spent with you.  

You can cry all you want, have someone hold your hand whilst you recount your heart-breaking story about the wife who’s been cheating with your best friend or the pool guy or has just discovered she is gay. They have heard it all and although you would be better served by seeing a professional psychologist (maybe even spend less) sometimes people just need to talk and bare their souls to a stranger who does nothing but listens.  

Of course, great customers are the ones who are there for a good time. The ones who want to drink, watch a show, throw a couple of hundred at the stage and just have a blast. The heartbroken talkers with their marital problems can be draining but they are better than the alternative. At least they are paying customers and the performer can just listen and feign interest.

Strip clubs are all about the money and most of the money is made in private VIP rooms. A VIP room (also known as a champagne room) is a private room or a curtained-off room where a customer pays a flat fee for a timed private performance. Customers are required to purchase a bottle of champagne or wine or cocktails. They may come with a VIP server who checks in from time t time. A customer is paying for privacy and alcohol away from the loud general area. The privacy is really away from everyone else but there are cameras everywhere for the safety of the dancer. Private lap dances and VIP room service is where a stripper stands to make the most money. It is also popular with couples who want to enjoy an erotic performance away from the crowd. 

A lot of people have a negative view of strip clubs and strippers. It must be said that these are for everyone. If you are squeamish or uncomfortable about seeing naked dancing around or watching your partner being ground on by an attractive wearing nothing. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t enjoy that kind of entertainment.

The truth is strippers are human beings they are performing a service they expect to be paid for so they can feed their families, pay their bills, pay for college and just do what they have to get by in this cruel world. Many are there because they want to be there, not because they were forced to be. 

Movies and music videos paint strip clubs as unsavory places and strippers as addicts working to feed a habit, sinful women and home wreckers, or cheating men out to find an easy hook-up. The women who work in strip clubs are human. They have the same problems as everybody else. The customers are human too; they are not sexually deprived people. They like to be entertained by gorgeous women but more than that they are looking to connect with another human who can help them get away from their everyday stresses. 

So, if you ever wondered what happens in a VIP room you may be surprised at the fact that for a lot of the time, there’s a lot of handholding and talking and a man pay for the privilege of having a gorgeous half-naked woman listening intently as if what you have to say matters. If you come in with your wallet full of cash, you will find a stripper willing to play into your fantasy or meet your needs (within limits of course).