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What is the similarity and difference between the UTET and HPTET syllabus?

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The UTET, the Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test, is a competitive exam conducted by the Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE) in Uttarakhand. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) made the TET exam compulsory. It evaluates aspirants willing to work in the field of teaching.

The HPTET, also a Teacher Eligibility Test, is a competitive exam conducted by the Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (HPBOSE). While the UTET focuses on evaluating aspirants from Uttarakhand, HPTET focuses on aspirants from Himachal Pradesh only.

TETs consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 includes five subjects, and Paper 2 includes four subjects for evaluation. The HPTET Syllabus and UTET Syllabus focus on assessing the aspirants on the parameters of being a good teacher. Although both the exams are teaching-centric, the syllabus of the exams has similarities and differences.

Similarities between UTET and HPTET Syllabus

  • Both UTET and HPTET evaluate similar subjects: The syllabus of both exams has similar subjects—Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental Studies, Language, Mathematics, and Social Science. These subjects are mandatory while evaluating a future teacher as it deals with the extensive requirements of the child. It covers the nitty-gritty of teaching as an occupation.
  • The parameters of the syllabuses are the same: The parameters based on which the boards form the syllabuses are the same since both UTET and HPTET focus on evaluating teacher requirements.

Differences between UTET and HPTET syllabus

  • The respective state boards create syllabus of the exams: The Uttarakhand state board forms the syllabus of UTET, keeping in mind the policies of Uttarakhand. Similarly, the Himachal Pradesh State board takes the Himachal Pradesh system into account for HPTET. Therefore, while the topics for evaluation might be the same, the questions in the exam may be region-specific.

These are the similarities and the differences between the UTET and the HPTET syllabus. Regardless, aspirants may give either of the exams to get teaching opportunities in the respective states.

Preparation for UTET and HPTET 

  • The exams need rigorous preparation. Hence, aspirants must divide their time judiciously to study the various subjects. In addition, they should also divide the issues into subtopics for better understanding. Managing time is vital while preparing for these exams.
  • Aspirants must also take notes while preparing for each topic, a tedious yet essential task. It helps the aspirants remember crucial points while revising for the exams.
  • Taking mock tests is another way aspirants can prepare themselves for UTET AND HPTET. Mock tests, solving previous years’ question papers and quizzes related to the exam help the aspirants get a clear idea about the questions in the exams. Check out BYJU’S Exam Prep website to take mock tests, online courses, test series for the UTET and HPTET.
  • Detailed study material is also an essential aspect of preparing for the exams. Thus, aspirants must ensure that they choose the right platform for preparing for UTET and HPTET.

The UTET and HPTET syllabus have certain similarities and differences. Both are equally essential exams in their respective states for aspirants to get into the teaching field. Moreover, it is necessary to clear UTET and HPTET to teach classes 1 to 8. Therefore, they should ensure that they try their best and have proper guidance to crack the exams. Visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to ace UTET and HPTET now!

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