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Why do you need to change your floor to an SPC floor?

Why do you need to change your floor to an SPC floor?

SPC flooring are considered new products in many countries; therefore, to speed up your decision, we would like to take this opportunity to guide you to consider the advantages of SPC Flooring compared to other materials.

If you would like to change the flooring in your home and provide a natural and warm environment, your budget may not be enough to spend on real wood flooring. SPC flooring can be effectively replaced and replaced because SPC flooring can resist water and moisture. Shrinkage and expansion of SPC Flooring are low. SPC Flooring is also easy and quick to install.

Waterproof and fireproof

SPC can be very water resistant or it can be waterproof. The problems of swollen wooden floors, mushroom floors, and slippery floors can be completely solved. It is not only waterproof. SPC resists fire and sunlight very well, which is certainly different from wooden flooring. If the floor is real wood, the floor will be completely burned. If less fire is started, it is still okay because we can put out the fire. Of course, not all fires can be put out.

Sometimes fires are so large that they are impossible to put out with normal firefighting methods. Fire resistance characteristics are a very important factor for SPC. The fire problem can be solved.

Scratch and impact resistant

SPC flooring  is ideal for high-traffic areas as vinyl is scratch resistant. You may want to consider an SPC Floor for the entrance of your home, kitchen, or bathroom as they are the busiest. In places of business or popular gathering places, vinyl is often a common choice because it can be easily replaced if needed, but until then it resists damage remarkably well.

When it comes to your home, with SPC you won’t have to worry as much about guests taking off their shoes as SPC doesn’t need to be protected like expensive floors. (Of course, dirt is still a cleanliness issue!) SPC Floor lets you live and let live with beautiful floors.

Since SPC flooring does not contain a real wood component, homeowners will be headache free from termite problems. There is no need to use termite pesticides as SPC Flooring is termite free. Once you switch to SPC flooring for your home, you’ll feel comfortable every step of the way.

Mimic the look of a more expensive floor

Why go over budget when you can easily replicate the look of expensive floors with SPC? From a distance, SPC can be made to look similar to wood. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, SPC flooring can open the door to design opportunities that might not otherwise be available to you. For example, if you admire the aesthetics of wooden floors, you can imitate the natural patterns of the boards. This option will cost significantly less than the actual purchase and installation of wood floors.


Easy installation

SPC flooring can be installed in just one day. The SPC floor can be installed with the click lock system. SPC flooring can be installed over wood, concrete, or in some cases over an existing floor. However, the substrate should be clean, smooth, of high quality, and as level as possible.