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Thinking Of Installing Wooden Flooring? Here’s What You Should Consider

Thinking Of Installing Wooden Flooring? Here’s What You Should Consider

Looking for a Wooden flooring that can give your feet a rich feel?  Then why not go for wooden flooring? This always stands out, and for so many good reasons. The natural warmth and beauty of the wood attract us to install wooden flooring in our homes. The way it gives a sense of elegance and luxury makes it one of the most popular flooring solutions.

Moreover, it can blends with any décor type, be it modern or traditional. Whether you are using it for your residential space or office, wooden flooring is a reliable choice for both. Now it’s time to make you aware of the pros and cons before you get it installed. Read on.

Pros of Wooden Flooring

  1. A Long-Term Investment

If maintained well, wooden flooring can last for decades. You may find it a little costlier in the initial, but you don’t need to replace it every few years like other flooring types.

  1. Variety

With wooden flooring, you’ll be presented with a huge range of wood types. Every type has a unique appearance that makes it more appealing. Some of the most common types include Australian cypress, Brazilian cherry, oak (red and white), tigerwood, Santos mahogany, Brazilian walnut, Brazilian chestnut, teak, and hickory.

  1. Easy To Maintain

Wooden flooring doesn’t tend to attract too much dirt, dust, and debris. Therefore, it doesn’t require additional cleaning and maintenance services. All you need to do is to keep your wooden floors away from water. With simple mopping and vacuuming, these floors can last for decades.

  1. Good Acoustics

You can avoid all types of vibrations with wooden flooring. It can be a better way when you are not working in a noisy environment.

  1. Improves Your Home’s Value

Even though wooden flooring is a little expensive, it tends to improve your home’s value. A house with these floors tends to be sold faster than others.

Cons of Wooden Flooring

  1. Cost

The wooden flooring costs you much higher than other floors. So, you may not find it budget-friendly. However, it is not a drawback to be considered as wooden floors are beneficial in the long run.

  1. Susceptible To Moisture

Another drawback to having wooden flooring is its susceptibility to moisture. Any type of moisture can damage or warp these floors badly.

  1. Prone To Termite Attack

One of the main reasons why many homeowners don’t consider wooden flooring is the fact that termites feed on wood. Once these floors get weak due to termite infestation, they can make a squeaky sound. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right type of wood.

  1. Scratching

Without proper care, wooden floors tend to get scratched soon. This is why you may need to be extra careful especially if pets and kids are in the house.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right wooden flooring can be tricky sometimes. By weighing the advantages and drawbacks of wooden flooring, you can make a wise decision.