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Why do some people like to be beaten while having sex? 

Why do some people like to be beaten while having sex? 

While there are many angles to the concept of BDSM, it is worth noting that a little bit of pain is one of the characteristics of what makes this type of sex fun. It would interest you to know that, unlike other genres of porn, BDSM can be very interesting and less condescending than others think it to be. 

The bulk of the practices in BDSM is due to it being a fetish. So, if you and your partner are okay, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of BDSM in your relationship. It is one of those sexual practices that are better on consent. So, ensure you carry your partner along and that you are both willing to do whatever it takes to be better at sex. 

One of the best places to witness this type of sex in its right format is HD porn videos on reputable porn sites. You get to watch how well BDSM is done and how artistic it could be, depending on the level of understanding of both partners involved. The more you try this type of sex, the higher your percentage of acquiring the fetish. However, it is worth noting that it is impossible to enjoy BDSM without experiencing the “pain” aspect, as this is one of the characteristics of BDSM. 

Why do some people enjoy pain?

Receiving pain in BDSM or being beaten or abused, as the case may be in this type of sex, is a characteristic of the submissive. The submissive partner receives the pain and the beatings, while the dominator gives the pain. Now, most times, the submissive might not outrightly enjoy the pain; however, it is one of those feelings that makes intimacy like the actual BDSM

So, you might witness the mistress use whips on the slave till the body colour changes or sometimes, they could go for full body waxing. The aim is to pass a little bit of sexually induced pain.


If you are in this category and you love the BDSM feels, there’s nothing to be afraid or shy of, and no, you aren’t weird or sadistic. However, another important aspect of BDSM is the sadism part which is mostly regarded as submission. While submissive, you get to take every jab thrown at you and smile your way through, although painful. The pain comes with so many sexual pleasures that it becomes enjoyable to go through more of those pains. 

Saying if BDSM is healthy for your relationship is a decision only you and your partner can make. Before making the decision, you might want to take time to watch HD porn videos, read up on more content on BDSM and see how well it’s going to benefit your relationship. Once you can rule out your pros and cons, you are half done.