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What are the 4 characteristics of a diamond engagement ring?

What are the 4 characteristics of a diamond engagement ring?

It is not every day we buy a diamond, is it? For a good purchase, there is nothing better than quality information and choosing a reliable jewelry store. Below is a summary of the four characteristics of diamonds that determine their value.

We will also be discussing the top style of diamond engagement rings. It is recommended that you buy diamond engagement rings from a reputable online store, such as Alexander Sparks.

What is diamond cutting?

A quality cut note allows a diamond to express its natural brilliance and shimmer. Cut refers to the quality of proportions and symmetry of a diamond. These angles allow the diamond to capture light and reflect it, producing a sparkle. If a diamond’s pavilion is too deep, the center will be noticeably darker. If you want a truly brilliant diamond, consider those with cut notes of ‘Very Good’ or ‘excellent’. The diamonds used by Alexander Sparks in wedding rings are made up of the top 1% of diamonds worldwide.

What is diamond color?

This class refers to the “transparency” of a diamond, or its lack of color. The less color the diamond is, the rarer and more valuable it will be. There is a scale from Z to D, which classifies a bad (yellowish) or good (no color). If you are concerned about the diamond’s visible color then opt for diamonds between the color D and J.

What is diamond clarity?

The degree of clarity is based on any natural inclusions found within a diamond. Most Alexander Sparks’ diamonds are virtually free of inclusions visible to the naked eye. We recommend these diamonds for the best balance between quality and price.

What is diamond carat or weight?

Carat represents the diamond’s weight. 1 carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. Why is carat a record of a diamond’s weight, not its size? Two diamonds of slightly different sizes can have the same carat weight. The size of a diamond is also dependent on how evenly its weight is distributed, the quality of its cut.


Some diamonds are cut to maximize carat weight, which results in less brilliance. Therefore, a balance of quality in carats and cut is recommended. For the best value, opt for diamonds that are slightly smaller and the carat weight you initially want. For engagement rings, we suggest 25 to 30 starting points.

Style and setting so the diamond engagement ring

Setting refers to how precious stones are placed on the metal band. It should highlight the diamond beauty of an engagement ring. Style refers to the overall design aesthetic that the ring setting helps to create.

Solitaire engagement ring

Honoring its name, the solitary setting features a single dazzling diamond. This particular style engagement ring is popular among us. Nothing else can better enhance the beauty of the stone. You can choose a brilliant cut diamond (most common) or any diamond shape to enhance the central masterpiece in this classic setting.

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Halo engagement ring

The halo setting features a stunning central stone surrounded by a brilliant circle of smaller diamonds. Halo-set engagement rings feature various diamond shapes surrounded by one or two halos of colorless or pink diamonds.

Three stone engagement ring

You can name it the trio of diamonds perfectly describing the engagement ring in harmony. Round or fancy center stone is combined with complementary side stones to create extreme beauty. The central stone is diamond and the side stones are sapphires. The setting standards for Alexander sparks diamonds are the strictest on the market. All diamonds feature custom settings to accommodate your specific size and shape. The expert carvers work with care to ensure that the quality of each stone’s proportions and surfaces are stunning from every angle.

Where will you wear the ring?

The best-known custom is that it is used on the left hand. After the wedding, the bride has the option of wearing the jewelry along with the wedding ring, or, if she prefers, passing the ring to her right hand. When the marriage proposal is made with an engagement ring, usually the man does not wear anything. If the marriage proposal is made with a pair of wedding rings, both will wear the jewel in their right hand during the engagement.

Difference between a diamond and a zirconia

Diamond is a natural stone. Already the zirconia is a synthetic stone, made in the laboratory. Precisely because it is a synthetic stone, zirconia is a much cheaper option than diamond. Well, if zirconia is a cheaper option, why buy a diamond engagement ring? The diamond will always have the best cost-benefit ratio, as its shine never changes.

How will I find out her measurement?

Most of the time, buying an engagement ring involves a surprise, so it is very likely that you do not know the measure of it. The most accurate way to find a ring measurement is to use a ring band or a ring measuring stick. However, we know that this can end up spoiling the surprise. Ask your girl friend to give you her ring for one day. Give her an excuse. Ask her friend to help you. First, give her a cheap quality metal ring to get an idea. Do not use rubber or silicone band.

Already know the measure, but not sure how to choose the perfect jewelry for her? Buying an engagement ring can be a lot easier than you might think. Alexander Sparks has been working with engagement rings and wedding rings for many years, so they can help you find the ideal jewelry for her.

Take good care of it

It is extremely necessary to clean the piece for its preservation, especially its shine. The accumulation of oil and dust in the piece must be avoided, for its greater durability. The eternity of your diamond jewelry is also up to you. If you are passionate about the charm of diamonds, but looking for something similar at low price, lab-grown diamond from Alexander Sparks is a great stone for accessories. They have hardness between seven and eight scale and a wonderful shine for your semi-jewels. A perfect cut is one that does not harm the diamond’s natural shine. Ideally, a complete cut is performed so that as much light as possible enters the stone.